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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Business Coach

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10 Reasons You need a Business Coach

Business Coach - Top 10 Reasons You Need a Business Coach

I’m convinced that having business coaches, mentors, and accountability partners can be huge in self-development and creating a company you’re proud of. Whether you’re a freelancer, hiring your first employee – or have built a 10-50 million dollar company, you can always use an outside perspective of someone who is driven, and has your best interests in mind. This is why I’m offering that as a service to people who need it!

But this isn’t just about me – I want you to be able to find someone regardless, but it’s important to consider first what you want to get out of a business coach, or an accountability coach, how much that is worth to you, and then create a budget for what you could spend to receive those benefits.

From my perspective – here are the top 10 reasons you need a business coach.

  1. You need someone who is incentivized to help you grow and can offer OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE.
  2. Masterminds, friends who are accountability partners are great but they aren’t always available and don’t really have that strong of a reason to be there with CONSISTENT GUIDANCE.
  3. Always find a business coach that has actual experience doing the thing you want to do – likely you’ll want someone who’s a little more expensive than feels totally comfortable because they know how to make money, create opportunities and CHARGE MORE THAN YOU DO NOW.
  4. You don’t just want to check off to-do items on your list all the time. Sometimes you need someone who has your best interests in mind outside of you to tell you that you need to KEEP YOU FOCUSED ON YOUR IDEAL SCENARIO.
  5. Sometimes it’s not the most insanely deep thing that you need on a regular basis, sometimes you just have a bad attitude and need to be shaken up, need to get back in the mode of earning and learning – sometimes you just need a KICK IN THE ASS.
  6. With a real business coach – someone who can give you outside perspective on your sales and marketing without constantly trying to steer you towards more expensive things they offer – and instead just want you to succeed is to help you focus on SALES GROWTH AND TRACKING.
  7. There are 20 ways to grow your business that you aren’t doing now. Maybe you need to niche, maybe you need to get out and speak, write a book, connect with trade organizations, or hire now – any one of these could be important, but it’s nice to have someone HELP YOU FIND THE NEXT RIGHT THING is.
  8. Don’t choose a business coach that doesn’t make serious money. Don’t choose a glorified life coach. Only spend 1k+ on a business coach that actually creates more wealth in your life. If a business coach doesn’t help you MAKE MORE MONEY – they aren’t worth it.
  9. Wierldly enough – one of the first things my business coach told me to do is ‘stop trying to do everything’, focus on the real meat and potatoes work, scale up my sales efforts and SUBTRACT THINGS. It’s odd, but some of the things he had me subtract, I’ve realized that was more important that some of the things I added.
  10. Nothing matters than growing the right way. You can scale your business quickly, but you also need to scale it right – so you’re happy, and so you can be profitable. A good business coach will help you GROW LIKE A BONSAI TREE, NOT LIKE A WEED. Deliberate moves, intentionally made, rather than hiring 3 people when your 1 million in.

Be careful and make sure your business is turning into what you really want it to. This is the biggest way a business coach can help – don’t get so focused on growth that you lose site of what really matters – happiness (and profits.) 😉

Thanks for reading and let me know if I can help your business in any way!

Giant list of Business Coaches and the Niches they serve

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