Giant list of Business Coaches and the Niches they serve

Business coaches can be the difference between success and failure but picking the right one is also a challenge. This page is dedicated to a list of business coaches from around the world that can help you with specific problems.

Take a look through the list of business coaches and see who fits your company best. Although this list of business coaches has tens of candidates to choose from, only a few are likely to be right for you.

EMyth – Online Business Consulting

EMyth is a well-known consulting and coaching firm in the industry that works with a range of different clients to help them grow their businesses. While they work with practically anybody, they specialize in online businesses and digital marketing for people that make most of their sales online.

Dan Sullivan – Growing a Business

Dan Sullivan is another famous coach, whose business Strategic Coach focusses on every area of your business and life. This style of coaching could be particularly useful for owners who are struggling to find the balance between work and play.

Lana Dingwall – Growing a Business for Women

Lara works exclusively with female entrepreneurs who want the tools to take their business forward. Her expertise is in helping new owners who have little knowledge or experience in running a company.

Denise Duffield-Thomas – Money Mindset

Denise works with a range of clients who are facing challenges with their money, either because they don’t have enough or because they are struggling to reach their goals. Denise is a fantastic coach for those looking to reach financial independence.

Greg Faxon – Marketing for Coaches

Greg is a marketing coach for coaches. What that means is that he specializes in helping coaches of all types to bring in more clients. He understands why people need help and how to convince them that you’re the right consultant for their problems.

Jenny Shih – Marketing

Jenny has a tagline, “it’s time for your business to support your life,” because she believes that too few owners prioritize balance and growth. With her help, you can scale your business while spending less time in the office!

Tad Hargrave – Marketing for Hippies

Tad specializes in helping conscious, green and local businesses to bring in more clients. He wants you to be able to be a better marketer and attract more customers without sacrificing your integrity.

George Kao – Marketing for Soulful Entrepreneurs

George believes that many companies sacrifice their authenticity and joy when they start marketing. With his help, you can retain both and continue to grow!

Nick Snapp – Productivity

Being productive sounds easier than it is, especially when you consider that we all need to spend time with our families and enjoy ourselves. Let Nick help!

Charlie Gilkey – Productivity

Charlie is a time management specialist, helping business leaders both large and small to prioritize their time so that they can get more done in less time.

Jerry Colonna – Leadership

Leading a company isn’t simple, especially if you have never had any experience leading a team before. Jerry works with CEO’s and other executives to help them to develop the skills they need to take charge.

Christina Berkley – Leadership

Christina is a leading leadership consultant, helping CEO’s and would-be entrepreneurs to learn the skills that they need to command a team to success.

John Mattone – Executives

John is the ultimate CEO coach, helping some huge companies to grow even further. He knows what it takes to be a great CEO, and he wants to help you to do exactly that.

Alycia Wicker – Creativity for Entrepreneurs

Alycia only works with creativity companies, helping them to retain their creativity as their company grows, bringing in more customers and more team members.

Glenn Smith – Marketing

Glenn is a marketing guru; he knows how to bring in more customers while spending less money on marketing than ever before.

Erin Henry – Mindset and Mentality

As a business leader, you must have the correct mentality if you are going to overcome the biggest challenges. Erin will work closely with you to cultivate this mentality and mindset that you need to take your business to the next level.

Adetiloye Adedayo – Youth Businesses

Starting a company when you are still a teenager is a challenge, not least because there are certain laws restricting specific actions. Adetiloye has faced these problems over and over; now he wants to help you.

Ian Brodie – Online Marketing

Ian is a lead generation expert from the UK. He works with a range of businesses to overcome the pain of traditional marketing and to help them flourish in the new digital world.

Sheri Kaye Hoff – Life Strategist

As a business owner, you might often forgo your happiness. But as many coaches like Sheri believe, your own life and happiness are critical to your business growth.

Lizzie Moult – Online Marketing for Bohemians

Lizzie works with inspiring women to help them to break the shackles of the corporate world so that they can create online businesses with engaged audiences.

Brad Sugars – Business Coach and Sales

Brad is an author and entrepreneur, educating business leaders and CEO’s on how they can operate their companies more successfully while making more sales each day.

Mike Agugliaro – CEO Training

Not all CEO’s are comfortable in their position, particularly those who founded the company as a small startup and are now responsible for a large corporation. Let Mike show you the ropes and teach you how to become the best CEO that you can be.

Yoon Cannon – Sales

Yoon is a sales savvy coach, specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses to bring in more revenue each year.

Sarah Quinney – Ecommerce

Sarah is an e-commerce specialist, working with a wide range of businesses that sell their products online through a virtual storefront.

Loren Fogelman – Lifestyle Businesses

Not all business owners want to become billionaires and live in mansions. Many want to lead a balanced lifestyle and travel the world. Loren teaches you how to remove responsibility from your business so that you have the freedom to travel.

Lara Galloway – Businesses for Mom’s

Being a mother and running a business isn’t easy, it’s downright tough at times. Lara knows this, which is why she dedicates herself to helping mothers to grow their businesses while retaining their happiness and family time.

Rob Carol – CEO Training

Rob works with CEO’s from across the world to help them to become more productive and effective in their new roles.

Jo James – Savvy Marketing

Marketing in the 21st century is vastly different to the century before and to succeed you need to be savvy. Jo James from AmberLife is an industry leader, helping people just like you to improve their marketing and bring in more customers.

Carrie Greene – Small Business Coaching

Carrie is from New Jersey, and she runs a blog online, as well as helping small business owners to grow their companies and seek success.

Sue Painter – Marketing for Women

Sue Painter works with women from all backgrounds who need help with their marketing efforts.

Anthony John Amyx – Personal Brand

If you care about your brand, either for vanity reasons or for the sake of growing your business, Anthony is a leading specialist. He works with clients to improve both their offline and online personal brand so that they can reposition themselves in their market and bring in more customers.

FocalPoint Coaching – Increase Profit

FocalPoint Coaching uses a personalized MMPPT (Model, methodology, process, people, and technology) approach to give you tailored, rather than the cookie cutter, advice for your business. Their specialty is in increasing revenue, boosting profits and making teams work more efficiently and productively.

Jack Klemeyer – Grow Your Teams

Jack founded his coaching company, Grow Your Business Coaching because he wanted to help companies to grow their businesses via team development and hiring. His expertise will allow you to enhance your existing team while simultaneously searching for new staff that can take your corporation to the next level.

The Dream Project (Tim Brown) – SEO, Web Designers and Creative Freelancers

I want to help more people acheive their dream of full-time entrepreneurship, freelancing and building an agency from 1 – to – 3 – to wherever you want to go. I loved putting this list together, because I believe business coaches are most successful when they have a niche – and likely your business will be to. Let me know if I can help you grow your creative or SEO business from full-time freelance to small agency.